2 Excel Aviation


The Challenge
Implement a national planned preventative maintenance/compliance contract
Management of all electrical compliance
Online solution to manage documents, certificates, renewals, reminders, scheduling
Online solution to provide a dashboard displaying real time electrical compliance status
Reduce the number of reactive maintenance call outs
Reduce the amount of downtime as a result of electrical faults

The Solutions
PPM contracts issued electronically and signed off electronically
Automated project cards and scheduling created and implemented
Invites to site managers automated and sent out for the portal
Projects carried out in line with scheduling electricians uploading certificates in real time
Users receive notifications when documents are added
Dashboard is available 24/7/365 from any device displaying current real time compliance status

The Results
Zero reactive call outs across all 8 locations
Zero downtime as a result of electrical faults
Current real time compliance status across all sites – “Compliant”

Emergency lighting inspection & testing
One off install of human temperature monitoring device – Covid 19 Solution