The Manufacturing Advisory Directorate (MAD) was formed to give 
manufacturers a single point of contact for a multitude of business services.
From accounting to legal, marketing and IT. Welcome to MAD.


Lots of our clients didn’t realise the cost savings and improvements that could be made in their business until they started working with MAD.

Full business support in the Manufacturing sector

Imagine having only one point of contact for sales, marketing, strategy, insurance, IT etc. Imagine all of those services having a holistic approach to your business. Sound good?

Focused on UK Manufacturing

Post-Coronavirus manufacturing is going to be tough. Now is the time to work


Over 100 years of experience

Our advisors are hand picked from the best Yorkshire has to offer. Award winning, clever people who have a passion for manufacturing and ensuring the future of the sector in the UK.


Track record of succesful projects

BAE systems, adidas, Rolls Royce... sound familiar? Tap into the calibre of knowledge we make available to you. We have the past successes to back our claims.

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How we can help your business

We are your new board of advisors ready to tackle your business issues with a firm hand and a steady head.

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