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To enjoy a growing sales performance, you first need to make sure you do your company justice when selling yourself. Let us guide you on Investing in your brand to enable a consistent message to your customers and portray a professional image to help your sales team sell, sell sell.

The Art of marketing your way to a sale

These two vital areas of business often go hand in hand. Without marketing yourself in the right way to your target audience, you will find people don’t know your company or your products.

Many businesses don’t understand the value of creating brand awareness, although when they are looking for a product or service, you always look up the company online before making a purchase.

Having a marketing plan in place helps provide the tools for your sales team to sell your products. Having your products and business displayed to highlight your qualities can often be the difference between a sale or no sale.

Steven Burles from Puddle Agency can help provide analysis of who your customer base is and the potential markets for you to target with your marketing budget. Steven is an expert in branding and has helped several manufacturers to establish themselves with logos, taglines, brochures and more, to display themselves in a professional manner.

Carlyn Wiltshire from CW Sales Ltd can optimise your sales process, pipeline & deliver sales training to bring structure & focus to your sales which will create better sales conversion rates and therefore more profit/turnover.

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