The Manufacturing Advisory Directorate (MAD) was formed to give 
manufacturers a single point of contact for a multitude of business services.
From accounting to legal, marketing and IT. Welcome to MAD.

Working with us

MAD Yorkshire is free to use portal to very high calibre, Yorkshire based, independent consultants, managers and interims.

If you are seeking support, guidance or simply advice, no matter what your market or experience, our consultants will be able to help. With 100s of years of experience in just about every market sector and discipline, we enjoy helping everyone from a one-man start-up through to multi-million pound enterprises to maximise their potential.

Our consultants will help you:

  • Understand your customers better
  • Drive loyalty up
  • Drive ROI and profits up
  • Manage costs down
  • Design lean and efficient processes
  • Measure what truly matters
  • Generate new business opportunities
  • Deliver happier staff

Feel free to explore further and see what our talented, diplomatic and experienced people can do for you today. Use the contact us page if you would like someone to contact you to talk about your needs.

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Our Services

How we can help your business

We are your new board of advisors ready to tackle your business issues with a firm hand and a steady head.

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